Monday, 29 March 2010

Looking forward to Norfolk Open Studios.

The workshop is warming up, at last. It is now pleasurable to sit and throw with the door open, enjoying the sunshine and the sound of the woodpeckers showing off.
I am in full scale production mode, ready for Open Studios. Many "open" cups, bowls and small bowls are lining up in the sunshine to dry. I am throwing tall cylinders today,turning and decorating with slip tomorrow.
I had quite an exciting discovery this morning, the house next door to my workshop is being renovated. The builders have today removed the wooden laths from the roof. A huge pile of slim, dry, foot long pieces were winking at me all day.
Just before I left, I asked the builders if I could help recycle the laths. When I explained that they would be used to help my wood kiln reach maximum temperature as quickly as possibe, they were delighted to help, and promised another load tomorrow.