Friday, 16 April 2010

Chasing the thatchers!

Whilst quietly working away yesterday, with only the sound of my whirring wheel to listen to. (No flights from Norwich Airport, sky full of Icelandic volcanic ash) I heard the sound of a struggling lorry attempting to go up the road, with great difficulty.

Intrigued, I popped my head out to see.

Going past my workshop was an incredibly massive load of old thatch, on it's way to a tip. As I use thatching reed ash as part of one of my main glazes, this was potentially quite exciting !

Quickly I jumped in the car, shouting "follow that thatch". Luckily they were only heading as far as the tip on the Cator Estate. I caught up with the driver when they had to wait at the electronic gate and explained my enthusiasm for his load. He was mildy suprised, but came back to the workshop later to see my work. After a (slightly) scientific explanation of glaze technology and the % rate of silica in Norfolk reed he agreed to dump the next load at the workshop.

A couple of reed glazed mugs sealed the deal.

I waited for them until 1.30, but was desparate for some lunch, so I sped home, wolfed down a sandwich, and sped back. When I returned, some 20mins later all I could see was thatch!!

I didn't realise they were going to bring me quite that much!!

It's a brilliant piece of timing as it will be there for Open Studios and will enable me to explain my processes more easily. I am not really looking forward to burning it though, it will have to be forked about 25yards to a small incinarator, in many small batches. No such thing as a free glaze-!

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