Monday, 5 April 2010

Health and Safety in Tokoname 09

Yet again it is a soggy Bank Holiday weekend. Torn between obligations and desires. Mid-way through a batch of tall vases and interupted by Easter.

Trying to use my time constructivly by researching places to stay in Kyoto this Oct. I have found a suspiciously cheap ryokan, £15 per night !!! There dont seem to be too many duff reports on Tripadvisor or Virtual Tourist sites, so maybe I will give it a go. In 08 my Ryokan was £33 per night, it may be interesting to compare them.

My exhibition in Tokoname is the week prior and I am really really looking forward to returning to the place I spent last summer.

The IWCAT residency was the most totally amazing experience of my life (so far !) and it will be fantastic to see my Japanese friends again.

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