Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Big One.

The other five large platters have now been turned and decorated with slip and glaze. The last platter was the biggest and I turned it yesterday.
I thought that I had better double check the measurements, but it's o.k. The platter is 17" in diameter and the of inside of my kiln is 18"- result, happiness.

This is the biggest diameter piece I have ever made, usually when I go big, it's cylindrical, and very tall. Turning it was fine, but coming to decorate it got me a little scared. The others were big, but I think because there were five of them together I relaxed a bit more.
So I thought that I would clear my mind and clean my work surface and all my brushes.
They are a motley selection, some barely worthy of the title. The largest is perhaps the most interesting. I'm not sure of it's original use, but I can see from the marks on it that it was made by a prisoner in Wandsworth Prison in 1962. he has also carved his initials on the handle as well.
I bought it, new, from a car boot sale here in Norfolk. How it got there, who knows?
All of the twiggy ones came from Japan, from 100 Yen shops, if I'm honest. I think their original usage was supposed to be for brushing crumbs from the table. They make a lovely mark with slip or glaze though, pity it's such a long way to get replacements!
I haven't found any plants that work as well here.
The long handled radiator brush is fun to use, it reminds me of being back at college and life classes with the terrifying Val Toft.
- The excercise where you have to put the A1 paper on the floor and draw with a stick dipped in ink ? - that's what using this brush feels like.
Anyway, like this morning I am putting it off! After a few brushstrokes of slip on my desktop to practice the wrist movement, well,I just went for it.
There it is, done.

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