Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone, it was a quiet one this year at "Cosseys Yard Ceramics". Rather more so than last new year, when I found a sleeping gentleman in my workshop on New Years morning.
However, every cloud has a silver lining, as they say, and I now have new windows that can't be kicked in by a passing drunk!
I had a busy year last year as far as shows were concerned. First up was my virgin appearance at
"The British Craft Trade Fair" in Harrogate, Yorkshire.
A good friend offerred to drive and provide moral and physical assistance so off we went. I hadn't really realised what the set up was, it was exactly like The Royal Norfolk Showground, here in Norfolk.
I had selected to stay in the on-site accommodation, which was um, a bargain price. Upon arrival, it was obvious as to quite see why- it was the stockmans accommodation when they came to show their cows. It's the only "Ladies" toilets and showers that I have ever visited that boasted a urinal!
The three days were tiring, but very rewarding and resulted in my work being available at several new gallery outlets around the Country. See my website for full details.
The evenings provided further entertainment in the form of scaling 9ft high gates to get back from the Pub!
Older and, I hope, wiser( I shall return this year. But this time I will bring my own kettle!


  1. Oh yes indeed, the Cell Block H accomodation, I remember it well. The next year I rented a flat about 2miles away with two others and it cost very little more than the 'simple' on site accomodation. Hope it goes well for you again this year.

  2. Thanks, don't suppose you can remember where you stayed...........