Saturday, 21 January 2012

Now available online!

I've just ventured into the world of online sales. Like a true luddite, about 10yrs after everyone else, but never mind, I get there in the end.
At present, due to the frequency with which I can wood fire, the work that I have available for sale fired in this way is limited.
I am only selling my woodfired work either direct from my workshop, at selected ceramics and pottery shows in the U.K. or from this site
Pictured right is a white stoneware clay with a Japanese "Hi-Iro" or fire mark glaze. Fired in my "fast freda " Wood Fired Kiln from Northern Kilns.
This was fired for 5hrs on recycled pallets.
Other work featured at www.theonlinegallery has been fired in kilns hat lasted considerably longer than the five hours of my "Fast Freda"
A couple of the pieces available online were fired in a communal Anagama in the summer of 2011.
It was great, if
a little daunting,
to be one half of the kiln packing team responsible for the work of around 70 potters.
As I was deemed by those present to be experienced in matters woodfiring
I was leading most of the 2hr shifts throughout the firing.
- 2hr shifts, good grief! Having been toughened up by our I.W.C.A.T. Japanese woodfiring shifts of 4hrs in ludicrous temperatures in the summer of 2009 , these were an absolute stroll!

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