Monday, 16 January 2012

A frosty morning

An early start this morning, 7.45am as I set off down to the workshop. This field is about half way there, I love it when we get these spooky floating mists. I usually only see them late at night when coming back from Norwich, when they hang like soggy blankets over the sugar beet fields.

As part of my New Years resolutions I have decided to walk down to Salhouse Broad at least three times each week before I start work. My workshop is next to the car park of this very peaceful part of the Norfolk Broads and although I quite often go for a walk when I get stuck with what I'm doing, or I'm waiting for my kiln to cool down, I really don't go down there often enough. Sometimes when we live as part of such a beautiful landscape as the Norfolk Broads we take it for granted, despite its' status as a National Park
My large platters are still drying slowly in my somewhat damp workshop, but rather that than warping from too much direct heat.
A few days ago I heard that I had been selected to show my work at "Art in Clay" at Hatfield House in Hertfortshire this summer. I am really pleased, I have shown there for the last two years and had a brilliant time. Further details later.................
In the meantime I am trying to pre guess what will be ordered at the B.C.T.F. in Harrogate in April and what people will want to see as part of Norfolk Open Studios later in the year.

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